CK Greenhouses Sustainability Mission Statement

As our company grows, we are committed to continually improving the way we face the challenges of producing the highest quality plants in the industry. We strive to set the standard in production with responsible sourcing, best practices and a focus on new opportunities for sustainability while decreasing our impact on the environment.
With the help of MPS, an organization that has emerged as a worldwide partner for sustainable certification for growers and is regarded as a ‘one stop’ source for compliance and certification, CK Greenhouses has obtained Certified Trade Company status. The MPS standards are internationally accepted and serve as a guide in our industry. See the link for the MPS website above.
From the use of biologically and environmentally friendly pest controls, Integrated Pest Management, energy conservation measures, smart irrigation practices, the latest greenhouse technologies, fuel efficient trucks and an aggressive approach to recycling, we continue to evolve into a more sustainable producer.
As a team, CK Greenhouses is committed to strong relationships with our trade partners, customers and the community we work, live and play in.
We take responsibility for the safety of our production and transportation activities for our employees and our community seriously. As a company, we believe in and are passionate about our goals and will continually strive to communicate, educate and improve.